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It seems like next week we will have the announcement from PSE&G and PPL on the power lines, according to an Express Times article.

Next week’s meeting (August 6th) has crucial timing to this announcement.  Please plan on attending and bring as many folks as you can!

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State Representative Craig Dally is a busy guy!  He sent another 1026 petitions to PPL.  He was also part of an excellent letter to PPL requesting another meeting in an affected township.  The other co-signers were:

State Representative Richard T. Grucela
State Representative Robert Freeman
State Representative Julie Harhart

Check out all the letters written on the Downloads page!

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There’s some more political activity.  Craig Dally has sent another letter to PPL as of July 16th and the response came back on July 22nd.  These were directly to James Miller, President and CEO of PPL.

There was also a letter from Senator Patrick Browne to James Miller as well, sent July 28th

I encourage you to read all the letters on the Download page.  I know there’s even more than what we have posted (it’s just hard getting electronic copies).

I think these letters help show how we are making a difference.  Thanks again for the effort!

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This afternoon, the media is covering a Bald Eagle which was shocked on a power line in western Easton.  It’s claws pierced the power line and the bird was shocked.  It’s a very unfortunate situation that serves as a reminder of one of our key concerns.

Morning Call – Eagle critically injured by West Easton power line
Lehigh Valley Live – Bald Eagle shocked on power line

I encourage you all to speak out against PPL and remind them that these birds will be impacted greatly by the power lines.  Not only with this risk, but through their migratory patterns and eco-system disruption.  Go read more about animals and power lines on the Environment page.

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At last night’s Lower Mt. Bethel Township meeting, we had another unanimous decision to NOT support Option C.  Thanks to Art for the hard work and for getting the work out!

Lehigh Valley Live – Township aims to zap line


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We’ve had a couple of townships already sign resolutions against the “Option C” and on Monday, July 21st, we have yet another opportunity to gain support.
The Mt. Bethel Township Supervisors meeting is

Monday, July 21st at 7:00PM
6984 S. Delaware Drive, Martins Creek (north of Easton)
We encourage you to attend.  Many folks in this area are not aware that they are affected!

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Last night, members of Drop the Lines braved the weather to come out in support of a Northampton County Council resolution opposing “Option C.”  The Morning Call and Channel 69 News were both on site to cover the story.

Morning Call – Council objects to power line plan
WFMZ – Council Passes Resolution Against Powerlines in Northampton Co.

Eric David did an excellent job of speaking on the team’s behalf and the vote was unanimous!

On another note, the fight in Bucks County continues.  Make sure to pay attention to this story.  It could be us next year!

Morning Call – PPL gets static over line route

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This is a reminder that John Stoffa has invited us to their County Council meeting to request from them a resolution in opposition to PPL’s proposed Route C.
We are looking for a huge turnout and hoping to have media present there, especially due to the Morning Call article yesterday –,0,6122331.story
We are planning to show up prior to the Council meeting July 17, at 6:30PM, at the Northampton County Court House on the 3rd floor.
No one has to speak, there is a form to request that they discuss the issue (which we already know they will).  Eric David will be our spokesman at the meeting.
Please make the effort to get there if you can!
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The Morning Call has two articles this morning on PPL and power lines.  One is related to our plight and PPL’s rejection of additional meetings in our area.  The other is related to our cousins in Sbulu, fighting PPL tranmission lines in Bucks County.

Morning Call – PPL rejects request for new hearing
Morning Call – “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Clearly we’re making an impact with Paul Wirth being quoted as hearing us “loud and clear”.  We can’t slow down though!  Keep up the fight!

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Lehigh Township supervisors will hold a special session next week (Tuesday, July 15th at 6PM) to adopt and sign a letter stating the township supervisors are against the power line for economic and environmental reasons.  It will be sent to PPL and Lehigh Township’s state and federal elected officials. 
The special session is for supervisors to adopt a resolution to send a letter of objection, which the township lawyer will have written before the meeting so they can sign it and send it immediately.  Because this must be a public meeting it will be advertised and the chairperson must call for public comment during the meeting. The township will not have anything for the public to sign.


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