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In 2009, PSE&G published a paper refuting the federal government’s need for a transmission superhighway.  Either they have lost their minds or they truly don’t believe this paper is relevant to the Susquehanna-Roseland Transmission Line, which again, was outlined as part of a larger transmission superhighway outlined in 2005 by the PJM.
You can read this glorious self-defeating paper here and judge for yourself it’s relevance.  
I can’t even sum this up – it’s basically a lot of what we’ve been saying for the past few years now.  Truly mind boggling.  Stay with it, the insanity truly begins on Page 4!

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So, the PJM recommends that PPL and PSE&G build a new transmission line because it is needed to ensure the reliability of the grid.  In PPL’s latest attempt to bulldoze (literally) this project through, they recommend cramming this 500kv monster through the 100 ft. right of way in the park.  That’s a 200 ft. tall structure by the way.  Wouldn’t you think the right of way would at least need to be as tall as the structure?  That would seem like common sense.

On the flip side, PPL and PSE&G have chosen to IGNORE a key recommendation by PJM – the recommended right of way.  Guess how much PJM recommends a single circuit 500kv line’s ROW be?  THREE HUNDRED FEET!  Does anyone have a 300 ft. ROW in Lehigh or Moore township?  I know the one behind me is 150 ft.  Why wouldn’t this come up previously?  Well…PJM isn’t exactly a legally binding organization with laws to be enforced, which means these things are more like guidelines really anyway (see Dr. Peter Venkman).

If this line is needed to prevent  outages like the 2004 outage, which in part was believed to be caused by poor vegatation management, wouldn’t you think PPL would do the responsible thing and use the full recommended 300 ft. right of way?  They certainly felt it was worth a larger ROW for at least one section of the line.