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We ask you to sign our petition. Help support us to stop PPL from building power lines through Northampton and Lehigh Counties under the Susquehanna-Roseland Project.

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Benjamin Cohen, "MA student in history writing about Tocks Island Dam controversy and local/national conservation consciousness--fight has hardly slowed down in fifty years! in man v. nature, must our means be so brutal, our ends so cheap?"

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Jerrold E. Fritz

Lisa Scherer, "As E.B. White said, "I am pessimistic about the human race because it is too ingenious for its own good. Our approach to nature is to beat it into submission..." There's no turning back if these behemoth towers are approved. "

Phil & Barb Schroeder, "NO to the lines in Bushkill Twnsp and Northampton County! We already have too much bad stuff coming our way thanks to the insatiable needs of NJ and NY."

Anita M Rothdeutsch

Craig Rothdeutsch, "Moved here 16 years ago from Whitehall/Allentown to get away from the mess. Leave the peace and quiet areas alone."

Katie Malehorn, "Enough already!Our wildlife is already fighting to survive in what the man has left them.This world is going to pot!!!What will my kids have when they grow up power lines and big houses on top of one another!!!"

Eric Shubert, "Just moved to the base of the appalachian trail into an old farmhouse, to start an organic farm. I hiked the length of the AT a few years ago.moved here for the peacefulness of the area. Power when individuals unite!"

Dale Truscott
Susan V. Mahle
Jennifer Collins

Julia Zona, "nj should look into solar power/wind power for their shortage issues, we should not have to worry about pp&l threatening our natural surroundings, health, and property! "

Christina Schoeppner
Jennifer Mills

Samantha Leve, "I also don't want the lines I think they go though my land."

philip subits
Jeff Karc
Joseph Gibbs

Eric Tilwick, "Maybe these folks on the OTHER SIDE of the Delaware river who so DESPERATELY need electric to power their million dollar homes should buck up and build their own power plant in their own states!! "

Jonathan Ifkovits, "protect our open space and our rights to own private property with out the interference of government and corporate america."

Gary Hoskins, "I live here to listen to the buzz of the birds and bees, not power line buzz that benefits New Jersey. "

Corinne M. Mondschein, ""We may live as many, but united, we stand as one. Let's protect our environment and wildlife habitat by stopping the installation of these power lines!""

Geoffrey Worthington
Julie Sekol
Debbie C. Capozzoli

Scott R. Mondschein, ""Enviromentally friendly PP&L wants to take our land and wants to destroy our wildlife habitat. We need to stop their pursuit of these power lines which will only benefit their own pocket books!!""

Jessica Ritchie, "PPL is not welcome to destroy our backyard nor our home. The project will destory wildlife and cost the citizen in home values."

Michele Vadelund

Chris Vinson, "Please don't ruin our beautiful scenery which is the reason we like living here. Also this project doesn't benefit us."

Alan LeHeup
Robin Bauder

Nicole Rushatz, "This project would destroy the beautiful scenery we grew up & fell in love with. Haven't we destroyed enough of the land already allowing outsiders from NJ & NY to move in & ruin our lands? Enough is enough!"

Karen Miles, "Not only our environment but our economy is under assault. We cannot afford to allow this to proceed. Consider our future generations ! C"

Danielle Goll
James Goll Jr

Stephen Sook, "Please consider another option."

Sharon Hornyak
Donna Lederer

Kenn Wagenheim, "Don't destroy Blue Mountain!"

Jerry Tanczos, "This project would destroy an area along the Blue Mountain that is so important to future water quality, wildlife and natural beauty of the area."

Matt Sekol, "Stop PPL!"