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We have many people to thank and remind that our fight is not over.  The following is a listing of the elected officials the Political Team is requesting you contact.  If you have not called yet, please call and send follow-up emails (in the event we should have to testify before the PUC, the emails would serve as hard copies of our voiced objections).  For your convenience, a template letter that you can modify is available in
Please contact these Politicians who have supported us previously!
Craig Dally
¬†¬†¬†¬† Craig Dally has strongly supported us by writing a letter to David Schleicher, PPL’s Vice President of Transmission, formally opposing Route C.¬† He has been the most vocal by far and our biggest supporter.
    Also, a big thank you to Marcia Hahn, who was at every meeting lending her support.
     610 746-2100      610 502-1567    1717-783-8573
     email address or

Julie Harhart
     Julie Harhart also wrote a letter to David Schleicher of PPL opposing the proposed Route C. Since Julie could not attend, she also had a representative at the Community Center on June 26, 2008.
¬†¬†¬†¬† I’m sure Representative Harhart would also appreciate a phone call or email thanking her for her support.
     610 821-6924      1717-772-5398
     email address or
Robert Freeman
¬†¬†¬†¬† Robert Freeman’s passion for the Appalachian Trail is why he is included in this list.¬† He has also made opposition for Route C known to PPL.¬†¬†
     610 253-5543 or 1717 783-3815
     I have no email address for Representative Freeman.
Richard T. Grucela
    Richard T. Grucela has made his opposition for Route C known to PPL.
     610 614-1312
     email Contact via
Patrick Browne
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Patrick Browne has sent another letter to¬†PPL’s James Miller in opposition to Option C.¬†¬†If you would like to contact him to thank him for the support:
     East Allen Township office 610 502-1567 or Harrisburg 1 717-787-1349
     email address
James Rhoades
     James Rhoades represents the Borough of Walnutport and Lehigh Township in Northampton County.
     Mahanoy City: Toll Free: 1 866 418 0367 or 1 717-7872637
     email address or 
Ron Angle
    Ron Angle has been very vocal in the Morning Call twice about his opposition to Route C.
Diane Neiper
    Diane Neiper has been very supportive in our opposition to Route C.
     610 559-3195
And last, but certainly not least, let’s make a concerted effort to thank our Moore Township Board of Supervisors. They¬†have adopted a resolution opposing Route C, and have been actively supportive and involved in preserving our quality of life.
     610 759-9449 Contact anytime to thank these gentlemen    
     Maynard Campbell Chairman
     Louis Cacciola      Vice Chairman
     Rodney Jarinko     Secretary/Treasurer
Please contact these Politicians to gain their support!
Arlen Specter
     Allentown: 610 4341444
     email address
Robert P. Casey
     Allentown: 610 782-9470 or 1717-231-7542
     email address
Charles Dent
     Bethlehem: 610 861-9734
     Washington: 1202-225-6411
     email address
John Stoffa
       610 559-3194
       email address   jstoffa@northamptoncountyorg.